The Value of Social Media to the Recruitment company

Social Media has engulfed many areas of business, and hijacked commonly traditional methods of communication, although perhaps none as much as Recruitment. Twitter provides a platform for over 500m users and Facebook over 1.1bn – this no doubt makes it an extremely powerful platform through which to communicate, network and socialise.

At the foundation of any recruitment process lies all three of these attributes, and Social Media is not just an invaluable tool within networking and communication: its also a free and effective marketing and promotion tool and the ideal place for advertising to millions of potential customers.

As social media technology continues to evolve and become more widespread, it presents an exciting opportunity for the recruitment industry over the next decade.

We utilise Twitter by using both a main account @JobsTecRes and Job/Business specific accounts that frequently publish active jobs – for Fire and Security Jobs @FireSecurityJob and Telecoms @TelecomJobUK.


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